About Nika

Hello, my name is Nika. I am the owner and one of the groomers here at Nika’s Pet Spaw and ReTreat. My grooming services include Full Grooms (full body haircuts), Mini Grooms (face, feet and fanny) and Baths on dogs under 30lbs. I enjoy working one on one with each dog, bonding with them and sending them home happy and looking their best. It is very important to me to give each pup the time and respect they deserve. In my experience I’ve found that a home environment is the best place for grooming, it helps put the pups at ease which in return they tend to do better with the grooming process. I’ve been around animals my entire life and with nearly ten years grooming experience, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

About Leslie

Hello everyone, My Name is Leslie. I have over 15 years grooming experience and owned a pet supplies store during those years as well.  My grooming services include Full Grooms (full body haircuts) on dogs up to 60 lbs ( I am not currently taking doodle breeds over 30lbs),  Mini Grooms (face, feet and fanny) along with Baths on dogs up to 70 lbs. Bring on the desheds! My grooming days here at Nika’s Pet Spaw and ReTreat are  Saturday, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

About Joe

Hello, my name is Joe. I am the main caretaker of our boarding pups here at Nika’s Pet Spaw and ReTreat. I have always been a dog guy and have certification in service dog training as well. I take great pride in getting to know each pup that comes to us. I personally supervise all guests to ensure safety and provide them with one-on-one individual attention, whether it be a lounge and hang around kind of dog or a “fetch is life” kind of dog. I look forward to meeting you all. For boarding inquiries please text my direct line 512-412-4952 *Provide your name *pups name/breed *boarding dates needed. I will get back with you within a business day to schedule a meet n greet.

“My pups and I love Nika. Ok my old dog doesn’t like any part of grooming. I adore her. She takes personal time to get to know each owner and dog. I had moved and had been searching for about a year. I realized I had to extend my driving distance.

I started my puppy early at a big box during the 1st 5month intro specials knowing she would need frequent grooming. She is a patient large dog but quickly became terrified of the back room. It was a struggle for the girls to take her which left me to trick her and more trauma.

Now when we pull up to Nika’s her tail is wagging, she hops out, they both go with her and don’t fight or get overly upset.

I know they are safe and not terrified so I enjoy a few hours of shopping in peace. Before I would hover by the store only taking 1 at a time to minimize their stress and mine.”

Tina Clark

Nika’s Pet Spaw

Our Spaw

Our meet n greets are held on Thursdays by appt only
Meet n greets are required prior to your pups first stay.

Please text  512.412.4952 to set up your Meet n Greet