With several options to chose from your pup is sure to be pampered! We offer express groom services (Sunday, Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) . Rest assured your pup is never caged waiting to be groomed. We typically ask for around 1-2 hrs per dog from start to finish on express groom days.

Please keep in mind that at this time Wednesdays and Saturdays are high demand days with overlapping appts. We have two groomers working together :) Please be mindful that we may need extra time for grooming on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Your pup may be well adjusted to grooming but the next pup may need more time and patience. We are big on giving each dog the attention and time they individually need, which has a tendency to run the day behind at times. We thank you for your patience in advance.

Bath & Brush

Small Dog (between 3-15 lbs): Starts at $30
Medium Dog (between 25-40lbs): Start at $40

Large Dog (between 50-85lbs): Starts at $55

(includes bath, blow dry, brush out, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, sanitary trim, and pads trimmed)

Mini Pet Groom

Small Dog ( between 3-15lb) Start at $45
Medium Dog (between 25-40lbs) start at $60

Large Dog (between 50-85lbs) start at $70

(includes everything from the Bath & Brush + feet trimmed and face trimmed)

Full Pet Groom

Small Dog (between 3-15lbs) start at $60
Medium Dog ( between 25-40lbs) start at $70

Large Dog (between 50-85lbs) start at $90 – We are not currently taking any new doodle breeds over 35 lbs –

(includes everything from Bath & Brush + Full Haircut)


We require our grooming pups to be on a minimum of 8 week grooming schedules here.  Keeping our pups on a routine schedule makes for a better experience for our pups and our groomers. Less Dematting and more frequent happy visits help create a healthy bond with our groomers and a more positive temperament towards grooming for our pups, which is so very important to us. We recommend 4 week grooming schedules which we are happy to reward by giving $5 off each appt when prebooked for the year.

Please be aware that we do not take new grooming pups on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

If you are established with one of our groomers, we highly recommend staying with that groomer. Please select your groomer in the filter section to view their specific availability.

We have two groomers, Leslie and Nika. Depending on what days work best for you personally our availability goes as follows :

Sundays-Tuesdays are with Leslie. Leslie can take bath dogs up to 85 lbs maximum and full haircut grooming dogs up to 60 lbs maximum (WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY TAKING NEW DOODLE BREEDS OVER 35 LBS)

Wednesdays- Saturdays are with Nika. Please note that Nika does not take any new pups over 35 lbs. Nika is currently taking new smaller breed pups on Thursday and Fridays at this time.

Feel free to view our availability for grooming services before creating your online profile or logging in. When you find an appointment you would like to book, our system will then prompt you to create your account or log into your current account 🙂

PRICING CHART for size reference

All new clients must text  inquiries for grooming before creating an account and scheduling a grooming appt. 

Please provide your name, your pets breed, age, when they were last groomed, and what service you are looking to have done. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!


Small Dog: Chihuahua up to Bichon *starting prices*

             $60-70  Full Groom (full service including full body haircut)

    $45-55 Mini Groom ( trim/shape up face, feet and fanny)

                                                                           $30-40 Bath N Brush ( bath, nails, ears, sanitary trim, paw pad hair shaved out, basic brush out)

Medium Dog: Cocker Spaniel up to Brittany Spaniel *starting prices*

         $75-85  Full Groom (full service including full body haircut)

   $60-75 Mini Groom ( trim/shape up face, feet and fanny)

                                                                        $40-60 Bath N Brush ( bath, nails, ears, sanitary trim, under paw pad hair shaved out, basic brush out)

Large Dog: Standard Poodle up to Golden Retriever *starting prices*


$85-100 Full Groom (full service including full body haircut)

$70-85 Mini Groom (trim/shape up face, feet and fanny)

$55-75 Bath N Brush (bath , nails,ears, sanitary trim, under paw pad hair shaved out, basic brush out)

These prices vary upon the condition of the dog (matting and coat type), whether the dog has sensitivities/ needs special handling , and if the dog has fleas.

Single Service/Extra Services

  • Nail trim $12-15

  • Anal glands expressed $20
  • under Paw pad hair shaved out/feet rounded $5-10

  • Ears cleaned $5-10

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, per state requirement we do need a copy of up to date rabies vaccine or a letter from your veterinarian stating your dog cannot receive it due to medical issues or past adverse reactions. You may bring a copy or email to
No, we do not mix grooming dogs with other dogs. All appts are one on one.
Depending on the service we generally ask for 2 hours with your pup. Some services may require more or less time (ex. Multiple dogs, condition and temperament of your individual dog, and service)
We do express glands. single service option is $20. If you add the service onto grooming we charge $10
Yes, we carry sensitive skin shampoo. We have a few different options to choose from. You may also want to have your vet diagnose and prescribe your pup shampoo based on their specific skin condition.

“Gunnar loves the care and attention he gets at Nika’s!”

Kathy Powell

“First visit. Very pleased. Very professional and more importantly very caring.”

Betsy Rivera

“Our Gunners first trim and we are pleased. Nika was wonderful! Thank you!”

Pacless Jones