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with several options to choose from your pup is sure to be pampered! I use  organic and natural shampoos and skin treatments. i only schedule one family at a time and your pup is never caged waiting to be groomed!.

Bath & Brush

Small Dog:  $20-25

Medium Dog:  $30-35

Large Dog:  $40-45

X-Large Dog (60lbs and up): starting at $50

(includes bath, anal glands expressed, blow dry, brush out, nails trimmed, ears cleaned sanitary trim, and pads trimmed)

Mini Pet Groom

Small Dog:  $30-35

Medium Dog:  $40-45

Large Dog:  $50-55

X-Large Dog (60lbs and up): starting at $60

(includes everything from the Bath & Brush + feet trimmed and face trimmed)

Full Pet Groom

Small Dog:  $40-45

Medium Dog:  $50-55

Large Dog:  $60-65

X-Large Dog (60lbs and up): starting at $70

(includes everything from Bath & Brush + Full Haircut)


Small Dog: Chihuahua up to Shih Tzu

Medium Dog: West Highland Terrier up to a Cocker Spaniel

Large Dog: Australian Shephard, Border Collie

X-Large Dog: Lab, German Shephard, Golden Retriever

These prices vary upon the condition of the dog (matting and coat type), whether the dog is difficult, and if the dog has fleas or ticks 

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Single Service/Extra Services

  • Nail trim $8-$10

  • Anal glands expressed $10

  • Trimming feet $5

  • Ears cleaned $5-10

  • Flea and Tick Shampoo $5-10

  • *ADD ON* EXTRA SERVICE Dematting $7 per 15 Minutes ($28 an hour)


Special Benefits: All boarding dogs get  15% OFF baths and grooming services Baths start at $17 and full grooms start at $34. Mini groom start at $25.

Nightly Rate: $38

$10 fee per pet on drop off day ( if before 5pm)  and pick up  day ( if after 11a.m.) for Day care

Holiday Rate: $48 per night

($58 for pups under 1 yr old)

Puppy Nightly Rate: $48

Pets under 1 year old

• Please provide for your pet’s stay:

*Dog Food

* Up to date copy of Rabies, Bordetella, DTT (distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza)

*Boarding forms*

• Things I will provide for your pet’s stay:











*FUN AND LOTS OF LOVE!!  When your fur baby is here, they are part of the pack

A few tips and advice for your dogs stay:

Bring a blanket or dog bed that smells like home. It helps them feel better when they can smell something familiar

 Bring favorite toys

 Do your best to be cool and calm when you drop them off. they feel whatever you’re feeling 🙂

 Prepare the night before! Last minute packing is a great way to forget the food!

 Bring leash, harness and collar 🙂 

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Pet Sitting

Is your pet more comfortable being taken care of from home? This is perfect for them!

Base price for pet sitting starts at $25 a day with additonal .50 cents per mile

within 5 miles $35 a day

10 miles $45 a day  

Over 10 miles starts at $60 a day

Holiday Rate: Within 5 miles $40 a day      

10 miles $50 a day 

Over 10 miles starts at $60 a day

• Please provide: (I will ask these questions and note them at our meet and greet)

Detailed instructions for feeding and where the food is located in your home. (how much and when)

Playtime! (walking, fetch, tug of war.. etc)

Pet Peeves (things they don’t like or are scared of)

Medications and Medical issues if any

• Things I provide

*MEET AND GREET IS FREE OF CHARGE!         It’s ideal to meet you and your pets before you leave for your journey. You get to meet me and decide whether I am a good fit for your household and I get to meet your pets and bond with them so they are familiar with me next time I come by.

*I come out to your home twice a day.Once in the morning and once in the evening (unless requested differently)



*Give medication if needed

*Let them out to potty



*Trips to Dog Park (starting at $10 extra per day)

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